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Exclusive Award-Winning Design

Since our launch in 2011, we have been fortunate to design beautiful furniture for exceptional spaces worldwide. Seóra has been awarded with several international design awards and nominations for our unique pieces that boast resilience and design in equal measure. We pride ourselves in being able to combine creativity with a contemporary aesthetic driven by innovation. The emphasis on attention to detail, purity and refinement is the essence of our design ethos and allow a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces for our clients.

Signature Italian Craftsmanship

At Seóra we value two concepts above all others, design and craftsmanship. We work with the most exceptional people to handcraft our furniture in the provinces of Northern Italy where the Italian skills and craftsmanship shine through in the beauty of our products.

The quality of Seóra furniture is the purest expression of Italian craftsmanship; of the meticulous attention to detail and the perfection so loved by the world that it constantly seeks to imitate its essence.

The hands of the craftsmen and women who tailor each bespoke furniture piece, hold the precious knowledge of secret traditions, carefully guarded and handed down from one generation to the next. Focused on the crafting of something beautiful and enduring, this deep-rooted savoir-faire and heritage help make each Seóra piece unique.

The Finest Outdoor Materials

Seóra uses the finest certified and environmentally friendly materials to withstand the harshest of elements for the best outdoor durability. We source beautiful marble from Italy, Sipo Mahogany wood from Africa and the finest most prestige outdoor fabrics from brands such as Loro Piana and Sunbrella. Our care in the selection of raw materials, as well as by the search for top-notch quality and creativity in each and every stage of the production, drives Seóra to continuously push the boundaries of outdoor furniture design.

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Design Features

Ideal Ergonomics

All our furniture is designed with the end-user in mind where comfort is our top priority to create a relaxing experience. Seóra’s superior comfort lies in the construction of our frames and cushions.

Refined Joinery

Our joinery combines state-of-the-art CNC technology and craftsmanship so that all joints fit perfectly and are seamless, with minimal screws visible which emphasises the clarity of the design.

Water Resistant & Durable

We use the finest outdoor materials commonly used on luxury yachts such as Sipo Mahogany hardwood, stainless steel 316 and premium outdoor fabrics to withstand even the harshest elements.

Stainless-Steel Fixings

All stainless-steel fixings are in 316-marine grade polished finish which is much more resistant to corrosion, particularly against chlorides and saline environments.

Floor Protection Pads

All our furniture comes with felt glides to protect flooring and yacht decks. For stackable items these also protect the coating finish between the furniture.

Protective Covers

We offer optional winter covers with UV acrylic fibers and interior Teflon lining for maximum protection during the winter months and to ensure longevity.

World Class Comfort

All our furniture is designed with the end-user in mind where comfort is our top priority to create a relaxing experience. Seóra’s superior comfort lies in the construction of our cushions. Using methods used in the yachting industry, our cushions are made using methods to create maximum comfort and durability.

Our furniture has been precisely designed to absorb any tension from the body creating a soft, smooth and comfortable sensation whether on a yacht, by the sea, poolside or terrace.

Complementing the ergonomic designs are durable fabrics from the likes of Loro Piana and Sunbrella which are made using fine fibres, superb materials and quality craftsmanship.

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Cushion Features

Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam

We use the highest quality open-cell polyurethane foam that facilitates perspiration and passage of greater quantity of air. The foam also ensures rapid removal of moisture with built-in protection against bacteria and mould.

Marine-Grade Webbing

The bottom part of our cushions features a porous net known as marine-grade webbing to help facilitate the ventilation of moisture and water residue. This helps keep the cushion dry with extra ventilation preventing rotting or odour.

Secure Cushion-Clip System

We have carefully designed and positioned a cushion-clip system which fixes onto the wooden frame with minimal visibility and maximum support. This offers quick and easy removal when necessary for storage and cleaning of the cushions.

Functional & Innovative

Innovation and functionality are at the heart of Seóra. Our aim is not only to make beautiful furniture but also products that are very quick and easy to assemble. The result being a product which is both usable and luxurious.

We are fuelled by innovation and seek to create products that cater to our clients’ needs and wants continuously pushing the boundaries of outdoor furniture design. We go beyond design to create exceptional and enriching living spaces for private clients, luxury hotels and yachts.

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Product Innovations

Seóra Lounger

Our flagship and award-winning design, the Seóra Lounger with its curving stainless steel frame and ergonomic beams held firmly in place by the finest quality sailing rope offers the ultimate lounger experience.

Riviera Sunbed

Distinguished as one of the finest sunbeds in the world, the Riviera Sunbed features a unique oval curved wide-body frame made from the finest Sipo Mahogany wood. The Rivera sunbed has become a statement of finesse design and elegance worldwide.

Belvedere Daybed

The Belvedere Daybed with Smartbrella Technology is our latest innovation to the Belvedere collection. Innovative features include a USB socket powered by an embedded solar panel and a smartphone charging station on the marble side table.

Embedded Charging

Seóra has created the world’s first sunbed with an innovative embedded smartphone solar USB charger to recharge smartphones or tablets.

The integrated solar panel captures and converts solar energy into electricity transferred directly to the charger placed beside the user without the need for any moving parts or batteries during operation.

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Embedded Smartphone Solar Charging

Embedded Solar Panel

A highly efficient, light weight and waterproof photovoltaic (PV) module is embedded seamlessly within the adjoining marble side table.

USB Socket

A fully waterproof charging unit with two USB ports is fixed beside the user providing the ideal power supply for recharging smartphone devices.

High-Speed Charging

The highly efficient PV cells have the capability to fully charge a device in a very short time, equivalent to that expected when connected to a wall socket.

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