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Our luxurious sunbeds and outdoor furniture are modelled after life aboard a yacht. Inspired by the curved lines and rigorous design of luxury yachts, Seóra furniture encapsulates style, performance and comfort. Our designs are conceptualised using the finest materials used on luxury yachts such as stainless steel 316 and marine grade varnishes.

While stunning interiors are essential for every yacht, few spaces truly get used as often as a yacht’s al fresco areas. Be it the sundeck, beach club or aft deck dining area, yachts are all about outdoor living and, thanks to Seóra there is no need to compromise on the design aesthetic in these spaces.

Only durable materials of the highest quality are carefully selected, and new techniques are continually being developed to ensure products are made from the very latest materials, capable of withstanding the harsh marine environments to which yachts are subjected.


At Seóra we value two concepts above all others, design and craftsmanship. We work with the most exceptional people to handcraft our furniture in the provinces of Northern Italy where the Italian skills and craftsmanship shine through in the beauty of our products.

The quality of Seóra furniture is the purest expression of Italian craftsmanship; of the meticulous attention to detail and the perfection so loved by the world that it constantly seeks to imitate its essence.

The hands of the craftsmen and women who tailor each bespoke furniture piece, hold the precious knowledge of secret traditions, carefully guarded and handed down from one generation to the next. Focused on the crafting of something beautiful and enduring, this deep-rooted savoir-faire and heritage help make each Seóra piece unique.

Yacht Furniture Features

Yacht Varnish Finishes

The gloss varnish finish is a long and careful process which is sprayed and sanded multiple times to obtain a thick film preserving the natural colours of the wood longer and beautifully exposing the wood grain and colour of the Sipo Mahogany. Available in semi-gloss and high gloss finish for yachts.

Secure Cushion-Clip System

We have carefully designed and positioned a cushion-clip system in stainless steel 316 which fixes onto the wooden frame with minimal visibility and maximum support in windy conditions. This offers quick and easy removal when necessary for storage and cleaning of the cushions.

Deck Protection Pads

All our yacht furniture come with discrete and integrated felt pads or plastic gliders to offer maximum protection and avoid scratches and dents on the yacht's deck. For stackable items the felt pads also protect the coating finish between the furniture.

At Seóra, water is a source of inspiration,
well-being and harmony

Seóra furniture is impeccable for projects such as Yachts, Hotels and Private Villas. We love their products for its elegant design, beautiful finishes and of course for its quality.

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Yacht Clients

Seóra is renowned for creating exceptional outdoor furniture designed for luxury hotels, beach clubs, superyachts and private clients at some of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

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Yacht Weatherbird

Yacht Weatherbird boasts an impressive career as one of the world’s most historic sailing yachts. Built in 1931 by Chantelot and Lemaistre, Yacht Weatherbird is a 31 meter classic schooner, sailing for almost a century she was completely restored in 2013. Onboard, she has hosted some prominent artists including Hemingway, Dos Passos, Picasso, Dorothy Parker, Man Ray and Archibald MacLeish while inspiring some of the works from Fernand Leger and F. Scott Fitzgerald. With great pride, Yacht Weatherbird features the Riviera Sunbed Collection adding a unique finesse and comfort to this legendary yacht.

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Seóra furniture bring outdoor spaces to life by enlivening them with their presence. Explore our collection and request or download our catalogue.

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