Seóra’s unique collection of fabrics is a curated range of luxury fabrics suitable to withstand the harshest of elements for the best outdoor durability. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to both private clients, yachts and hospitality through accommodating different needs and tastes with our fabrics. From easy clean fabrics to patterns and colours, we have fabric options to suit everyone.

Loro Piana® Outdoor Fabrics

Synonymous with uncompromising Italian quality for six generations, Loro Piana understands the discerning taste and lifestyle of its loyal clientele. The Loro Piana philosophy that has been applied to its collection of outdoor fabrics, offers the creation of distinctive exteriors with incomparable quality and individuality.

Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabrics

Sunbrella was founded with the conviction that high-performance fabrics are essential to provide the quality, design and comfort sought after. Trusted by the biggest names in the hospitality and yachting industry for the last 50 years Sunbrella fabrics are inspired by sumptuous colour palettes, changing trends and a wide range of textures. With exceptional durability and colour fastness, Sunbrella fabrics also come with a five-year warranty.

Customer Own Material (COM)

Loro Piana® Outdoor Fabrics

Dehors Twill Collection
Twill Absolute White
Twill White-Ecru
Twill Ecru
Twill Grey-Taupe
Twill Bacca-Ecru
Twill Cobalto-Ecru
Twill Indigo-Ecru
Natte Collection
Natte Absolute White
Natte Ecru
Natte Grey
Natte White-Ecru
Natte Bacca
Natte Cobalto
Natte Indigo
Antibes Collection
Antibes Graphite
Antibes Aqua
Antibes Cammeo
Antibes Ecru
Antibes Zen
Grimaud Collection (FR)
Grimaud Biancore
Grimaud Malachite
Grimaud Indigo
Grimaud Ginger
Grimaud Cowes
Grimaud Absolute-White
St Tropez Collection (FR)
St Tropez Malachite
St Tropez Indigo
St Tropez Ginger
St Tropez Cowes
Beaulieu Collection (FR)
Beaulieu Malachite
Beaulieu Indigo
Beaulieu Ginger
Beaulieu Cowes

Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabrics

Lopi Snow
Lopi Marble
Lopi Ash
Lopi Antique
Lopi Sand
Lopi Coconut
Lopi Silver
Lopi Charcoal
Lopi Shadow
Lopi Azalea
Lopi Beldi
Lopi Biscuit
Lopi Nenuphar
Lopi Tangerine
Archi Frame
Archi Concrete
Archi Lead
Archi Ipe
Archi Slate
Archi Oxide
Zori Rice
Zori Washi
Zori Kiri
Zori Sake
Zori Fugu
Zori Graphite
Zori Matcha
Zori Sento
Zori Miso
Zori Muse
Zori Nami
Zori Hibiscus
Zori Gari
Zori Straw
Solids Natural
Solids Canvas
Solids Marble
Solids Silver Grey
Solids Shingles
Solids Taupe
Solids Mink Brown
Solids Antique Beige
Solids Heather Beige
Solids Carbon
Solids Black
Solids Curacao
Solids Charron
Solids Mineral Blue
Solids Riviera Blue
Solids True Blue
Solids Blue Storm
Solids Aruba
Solids Adriatic
Solids Blush
Solids Burgundy
Solids Paris Red
Solids Pumpkin
Solids Mimosa
Solids Lichen

Cushion Features

Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam

We use the highest quality open-cell polyurethane foam that facilitates perspiration and the passage of a greater quantity of air. The foam also ensures rapid removal of moisture with built-in protection against bacteria and mould.

Marine-Grade Webbing

The bottom part of our cushions features a porous net known as marine-grade webbing to help facilitate the ventilation of moisture and water residue. This helps keep the cushion dry with extra ventilation preventing rotting or odour.

Secure Cushion-Clip System

We have carefully designed and positioned a cushion-clip system which fixes onto the wooden frame with minimal visibility and maximum support. This offers quick and easy removal when necessary for storage and cleaning of the cushions.

We are very pleased with our Seóra sunbeds finished in varnish and the top-quality of the Loro Piana fabric cushions. The chosen mahogany wood and the finish in varnish are of an absolute beauty and not comparable with any other furniture! We strongly recommend Seóra to people who are custom to beautiful things.

Private Residence, Belgium


We offer a 2-year residential limited warranty against breakage and corrosion. For information on our commercial warranty please contact our team. Please download our Warranty Card below.

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Please download the Maintenance Card below for detailed instructions on how to care for the different materials used and maximise the life of your Seóra products.

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